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Kreinik Manufacturing Company, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Kreinik Manufacturing Company, Parkersburg, West Virginia
The entire economy in the small town of Parkersburg, West Virginia is built on small businesses. Kreinik Manufacturing Company creates small textile embellishments and decorations. Demand was growing for these expertly crafted items, and the owners needed some new spooling equipment and computer upgrades to meet demand.

“When the price per spool went up, mainly because of transportation, I was wondering if I would be able to continue in business,” said owner Doug Kreinik, owner of Kreinik. “MOVRC [the local RLF operator] loaned me the money to procure a mold. The money saved paid for the mold, enabled me to lower my inventory costs and relieved me of the angst of bad weather or other factors holding up shipments of spools from the overseas vendor. The best outcome is that with the help of MOVRC, I was able to support a local firm bringing more manufacturing to West Virginia.”

Tags: Small Business Development/RLF

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