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Trinity Hotel, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Trinity Hotel, Carlsbad, New Mexico
In Carlsbad, New Mexico some local developers saw opportunity in an old, historic bank building. This fantastic old building was opened as the community’s First National Bank in January of 1891 during Carlsbad’s pioneer days to accommodate the new town’s growing agricultural & business community and has a rich history. Pat Garrett, the sheriff who killed the notorious criminal Billy the Kid, was among the individuals who frequented and held money in this bank. In 1924, the bank closed its doors. Later, this historic property served as home to the first newspaper and headquarters of the Carlsbad Irrigation District.

The veteran-owned company BMB wanted to convert the space into a boutique hotel and restaurant. Thanks to $80,000 in 2008 from a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and other local support, The Trinity Hotel now employs 35 people and boasts the finest dining establishment and most luxurious hotel suites in the area.

“When my partners and I started on this project, we wanted to create something totally different in Carlsbad,” said Dale Balzano, Owner of the Trinity Hotel. “Without the support of the RLF program, this project never would have come to fruition.”

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