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Detroit Regional Partnership Foundation

Coalition Lead Applicant: Detroit Regional Partnership Foundation

Project Title: The Detroit Region Advanced Mobility Cluster

Region (applicant-defined): Detroit, Michigan and 11 surrounding counties

Cluster Sector(s): Advanced Manufacturing

Concept Proposal Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The Detroit Regional Partnership Foundation aims to leverage the Detroit area’s expertise in the automotive industry and enter the growing advanced mobility industry to create jobs in the region’s 11 counties surrounding the city of Detroit. If provided an implementation grant, the coalition proposes to make this pivot by investing in three pillars: company innovation and transition, which will invest in startup incubation and legacy-company transition into advanced mobility; talent transformation, which will focus on increasing diversity in the workforce and skilling for the advanced mobility sector; and foundational infrastructure, which will develop testing sites and industrial parks for advanced mobility products, and market the region to advanced mobility firms.

VIDEO: Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalist Showcase 5-Minute Presentation

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