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Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Coalition Lead Applicant: Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Project Title: The St. Louis Regional Tech Triangle: Building an Advanced Manufacturing Cluster and Related Industries

Region (applicant-defined): 15 counties in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area (bi-state)

Cluster Sector(s): Information Technology; Business and Technical Services

Concept Proposal Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The coalition led by Greater St. Louis, Inc. aims to create a technology triangle that would benefit numerous industries and revitalize the St. Louis metropolitan area. The coalition strives to drive inclusive economic growth, resilience, and job creation in historically disinvested communities, and better position the entire St. Louis metro as a globally competitive economy by harnessing complementary strengths in three distinct-but-related leading industry clusters in the region: advanced manufacturing, biosciences (medical and agriculture) and geospatial technology. The coalition is guided by St. Louis’ Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and the cluster analysis and strategic recommendations in the recently released STL 2030 Jobs Plan. If provided an implementation grant, the greater St. Louis Regional Tech Triangle proposes to build and operate a new Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center St. Louis (AMICSTL). Functioning as a “hub and spoke” model, the Tech Triangle would provide a central network for: 1.) solving technology problems that are holding back industry growth and competitiveness; 2.) identifying and deploying next-generation technologies through all three sectors; 3.) accelerating the transition from idea generation to prototyping to production across all three sectors; and 4.) developing a steady stream of qualified workers.

VIDEO: Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalist Showcase 5-Minute Presentation

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