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Indian Nations Council of Governments

Coalition Lead Applicant: Indian Nations Council of Governments

Project Title: Tulsa Regional Advanced Mobility Corridor

Region (applicant-defined): Northeast Oklahoma

Cluster Sector(s): Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; Advanced Manufacturing

Concept Proposal Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The coalition, led by the Indian Nations Council of Governments, would support the Northeast Oklahoma region made up of 21 counties anchored by the Tulsa MSA. In order to boost job creation and economic output in the region, the Tulsa Regional Advanced Mobility Corridor aims to turn the region into a hub for both R&D and production in the advanced mobility industry. If provided an implementation grant, the coalition proposes four projects to attract and retain firms in the advanced mobility space: 1.) renovating the wastewater infrastructure of specific industrial parks to meet the needs of advanced mobility; 2.) establishing a drone testing flight corridor with advanced tracking technology and a hanger for manufacturing and maintaining aircraft; 3.) strengthening the R&D skills of the region by opening a center at Oklahoma State University focused on technical development and supporting business skills in the advanced mobility sector; and 4.) increasing the region's skilled workforce through the funding of certificate programs, degree programs, and apprenticeships.

VIDEO: Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalist Showcase 5-Minute Presentation

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