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Invest Nebraska Corporation

Coalition Lead Applicant: Invest Nebraska Corporation

Project Title: The Heartland Robotics Cluster

Region (applicant-defined): Nebraska

Cluster Sector(s): Agriculture

Concept Proposal Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The vision of the Heartland Robotics Cluster Coalition, led by the Invest Nebraska Corporation, is to make Nebraska a leader in robotic technologies and advanced manufacturing automation targeting the agriculture industry, the leading industry in Nebraska. The Covid-19 pandemic caused severe disruptions in the agriculture supply chains and a significant reduction in the rural labor force, which was already under severe duress due to population out-migration. If provided an implementation grant, the coalition believes its investments in makerspaces, education, workforce development, and incubation would set Nebraska on a long-term path to continue as a leader in agriculture production with greater labor productivity. This “technology-based economic development” initiative would formally establish and develop coalition cluster partners by leveraging Nebraska's inherent agricultural strengths to make the region a resilient economy for the future.

VIDEO: Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalist Showcase 5-Minute Presentation

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