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North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Coalition Lead Applicant: North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Project Title: Accelerating Life Science Manufacturing to Create Economic Resilience and Promote Equity in Distressed North Carolina Communities

Region (applicant-defined): North Carolina

Cluster Sector(s): Bio-medical; Advanced Manufacturing

Concept Proposal Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The coalition, led by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, aims to accelerate life science manufacturing to create economic resilience and promote equity in distressed North Carolina communities. The coalition proposes to create a national life science manufacturing resource, advance production technology, and address vulnerabilities in the region's supply chain and manufacturing capacity that were highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. If provided an implementation grant, the coalition proposes to bring together four universities in a unique product development and manufacturing partnership; create training hubs in new areas by uniting existing efforts of community colleges and universities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities; proactively prepare sites suitable for life science facilities in distressed areas; and leverage current and planned community programs to support those transitioning to these jobs.

VIDEO: Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalist Showcase 5-Minute Presentation

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