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Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center, Inc.


Lima, Ohio

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Development of a High Strain Rate Metal Forming Commercialization Center



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The High Strain Rate Metal Forming (HSRMF) Commercialization Center (the “Center”) will create an effective manufacturing infrastructure for U.S. industry and academia to support and address industry-relevant problems in the northwest Ohio region.  The Center will consist of metal forming manufacturers linked with university researchers, government economic development entities, and supply chain vendors to exploit high strain rate metal forming with common goals, but unique contributions.  In the Center, industry, academia, and government partners will leverage existing resources, collaborate, and co-invest to nurture manufacturing innovation among all sizes of manufacturers to accelerate commercialization and innovative adaptation.

The Center will construct an organizational umbrella to address several facets of HSRMF commercialization.  The Center will nurture and host a consortium of end-users, which will be a public-private, government-industry-academic partnership created to study and advance the commercialization of high strain rate forming technologies.  The primary objective of the consortium will be to stimulate investment and promote opportunities to produce commercial products using this emerging advanced manufacturing technology, especially by small-to-medium sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).  The initial focus will begin in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, where manufacturing is a major employer, with the intent of growing the consortium to expand into a nationally-recognized HSRMF resource.

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