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Johns Hopkins University

The Chesapeake Regional Digital Health Exchange (CReDHx): Fostering a Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem throughout the Chesapeake Region
Baltimore, MD
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $633,546.38
Local Match: $653,525.00

Led by a division of Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) will launch the Chesapeake Regional Digital Health Exchange (CReDHx) to advance the region’s digital health competitiveness. On the cusp of a revolution in digital health and precision medicine, and with an array of assets spawning innovation, the Chesapeake Region (Maryland and Washington, DC) is positioned to become the east coast hub of Digital Health. While the region’s key assets include world-class research facilities and academic institutions, a critical mass of startups, state commitment to ecosystem building, and an innovative health care environment with respect to reimbursement, delivery and data-sharing, according to EPA research, it still critically lacks a “network of influencers, executive champions, and support groups.” CReDHx will leverage these assets to jumpstart a more intentional, resourced economic development effort with the outcome of companies, jobs, and capital flowing into the region.

The project’s work consists of three core activities: Building a network of influencers and connecting the digital health ecosystem, ensuring a strong pipeline of diverse talent in the region, and accelerating the commercialization of promising digital health technologies. These initiatives ultimately aim to double the number of teams in the Hexcite Digital Health accelerator program, steadily increase corporate and strategic partnerships (2-3 per year) and increase Digital Health contracts by 10% per year during the term of the grant.

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