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LifeX Labs LLC

LifeX Labs’ Life Sciences Startup Initiative
Pittsburgh, PA
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $750,000.00
Local Match: $750,000.00

LifeX Labs is Southwestern Pennsylvania’s only life sciences focused startup accelerator. Launched by the University of Pittsburgh, LifeX Labs’ mission is to accelerate the commercialization of regional innovation by providing services, education, and a community for entrepreneurs and early stage companies. The project fills a regional need by centralizing the life sciences ecosystem and by further developing the resources offered by the organization. Through coordination with our partners and other organization’s in our innovation cluster, this project will strengthen the existing community and efficiently grow the local life sciences industry. LifeX Labs will host a series of events and programs to cultivate the regional life sciences ecosystem and develop a self-sustaining organization. Furthermore, LifeX Labs will commit resources to training local talent as well as recruiting experienced talent from outside of the region. Five years after the grant period, LifeX Labs anticipates accepting 40-56 startups into the portfolio and creating 120-168 direct jobs.

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