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San Juan College

The Big Idea Innovation Accelerator
Farmington, NM
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $384,777.00
Local Match: $400,880.00

San Juan College will launch the Big Idea Innovation Accelerator at the recently opened San Juan College makerspace, The Big Idea. The Accelerator will assist entrepreneurs, researchers, and inventors to move products from concept to commercialization by filling the knowledge and resource gap with expertise in taking a product to market. We will recruit a commercialization expert to organize and facilitate product accelerator programs as well as provide consulting to regional businesses and entrepreneurs. Currently, only one outdoor recreation manufacturer exists in San Juan County. By the end of the grant performance period, however, the Accelerator anticipates the creation and support of 20 new firms and 20 new product launches. These numbers are projected to increase to 50 in the five years following the performance period, as the Accelerator continues to expand its reach through classes, summits, and investor/mentor events.

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