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Applicant Resources

Guiding Questions

Will my proposed project be competitive for RNTA funding? Consider these questions while developing a concept:

  1. Does my proposed project fall within the Research and Evaluation program or the National Technical Assistance program?
  2. What is the economic development issue that the proposed project will address?
  3. How is the defined economic development issue national in scope?
  4. What activities will the proposed national scope project undertake to address the defined economic development issue?
  5. How will the activities produce impactful economic development outcomes?
  6. How will outcomes and outputs be measured?
  7. Why is EDA the best partner and how does the project align with EDA Investment Priorities?


  • Concept Proposal: PowerPoint slide deck to help you to develop and share your concept with EDA.
  • Budget Template: Excel document to help you to develop and share your concept’s budget with EDA.
  • RNTA Overview: PDF with more information on the RNTA Program.

Research and National Technical Assistance (RNTA)

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