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Arizona Board of Regents of Northern Arizona University

Name of UC Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute (ABEPI)
Location 101 E. McConnell Dr, Flagstaff, AZ
EDA Regional Office Seattle
Year One `
Contact Joel Fritzler, Grant and Contract Administrator ( joel.fritzler@nau.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) Nathan Equerra, levi.esquerra@nau.edu, 928-523-4880; 928-523-5195
Website https://nau.edu/economic-policy-institute/eda-supported-university-center/

ABEPI launched the University Center to strengthen and expand successful innovations already underway in Arizona’s economy, such as NACET (Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology) or 4FRI (Four Forest Restoration Initiative). Works collaboratively with rural and urban communities statewide to provide technical assistance, conduct applied research for public, private & tribal entities to promote economic development, and disseminate information to fill gaps and promote sustainable development.


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