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Georgia Institute of Technology/Georgia Tech Research Corp

Name of UC Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2)
Location 75 5th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308
EDA Regional Office Atlanta
Year One 2017
Contact Lynne Henkiel; Juliana Golemi ( lynne.henkiel@innovate.gatech.edu; juli.golemi@innovate.gatech.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) 404-385-7476 : 404-894-0094
Website https://innovate.gatech.edu/; https://innovate.gatech.edu/programs-old/economic-development-lab/

Provides funding for Georgia Institute of Technology's Enterprise Innovation Institute for outreach activities that seek to promote job creation, development of high-skilled regional talent pools, business expansion in innovation clusters, and to create and nurture regional economic ecosystems in the state of Georgia. The Georgia Tech UC has two primary focus areas: (1) Innovation-led Ecosystem Support for Universities and Communities and (2) Strategic Economic Development Support for Distressed Communities.


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