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Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Name of UC Iowa Workforce Innovation Network (Iwin)
Location 1805 Collaboration Place, Suite 2300 Ames, Iowa, 50010
EDA Regional Office Denver
Year One 2018
Contact Camille Schroeder ( camilles@iastate.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) Ronald Cox, Director of CIRAS, rcox@iastate.edu, 515-294-4293
Website http://www.ciras.iastate.edu/eda/

IWIN will work with regional economic developers, business and community leaders to develop innovative, community-specific, multi-faceted solutions to Iowa's systemic workforce issue. iWIN examines workforce as 1)the regional STEM pipeline; 2)non-traditional attraction/retention efforts, including engineering talent; 3)employee output through incorporation of sustainable productivity initiatives; 4)building a 'virtual' workforce with automation systems. Applied research on workforce trends and opportunities will be conducted on targeted communities. A leadership survey of current practices and goals will be utilized to develop a workforce strategic plan including operationalizing the plan in order to provide targetted business and community technical assistance. Over the course of the project, eight communities will be selected for engagement that meet the grant criteria.


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