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University of North Dakota

Name of UC UND Center for Innovation
Location 264 Centennial Drive, Stop 7134, Grand Forks, ND 58202-7134
EDA Regional Office Denver
Year One 2018
Contact Amy Whitney, Director UND Center for Innovation ( amy.whitney@und.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) Renee Shelton, Project Manager & Commercialization Specialist, renee.shelton@und.edu, 701-777-3132 or 701-777-6860
Website http://www.innovators.net/

This award establishes the University Center for Autonomous Systems Innovation, within the Center for Innovation, to more effectively serve the growing UAS industry sector in North Dakota. The potential for experiential learning exists at the University if a private sector need coincides with the beginning of the semester. The UAS will support expansion in the autonomous systems innovation cluster in northeastern North Dakota; assisting with the commercialization of autonomous systems innovation and development of a workforce for the sector through internships, and other experiential learning activities.


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