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Bowling Green State University

Name of UC Center for Regional Development (CRD)
Location 225 Troup Ave Bowling Green, OH 43403
EDA Regional Office Chicago
Year One 2016
Contact Dr. Russell Mills ( millsrw@bgsu.edu; crd@bgsu.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) Dr. Russell Mills, millsrw@bgsu.edu, 419-372-9183; 419-372-9183
Website https://www.bgsu.edu/research-economic-development/center-for-regional-development.html; https://www.bgsu.edu/research-economic-development/center-for-regional-development/about-us/eda-university-center.html

Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) Center for Regional Development (CRD) and Ohio University’s (OU) Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs comprise a joint University Center known as the Rural Universities Consortium (RUC). EDA's funding allows the Center for Regional Development to partner with economic developers and businesses on expansion and attraction projects, particularly in underserved rural communities. The funds will support CRD’s technical assistance and applied research efforts. The center will examine the conditions and factors that lead foreign-owned companies to invest or “reshore” previously outsourced jobs to the United States. The EDA funding will allow the CRD to continue to provide data and analytics in support of regional workforce development initiatives undertaken by Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development (NORED) and other groups.


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