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University of Wisconsin System - Extension

Name of UC The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension Economic Development Administration
Location 327 Lowell Center 610 Langdon St Madison, WI 53703
EDA Regional Office Chicago
Year One 2016
Contact Jordon Ott; Steven Deller; Tessa Conroy ( jordon.ott@uwex.edu; scdeller@wisc.edu; tessa.conroy@ces.uwex.edu )
Principal Investigator(s) Kristin Runge, kristin.runge@ces.uwex.edu, 920-851-0213
Website https://cced.ces.uwex.edu/eda-university-center/

The UW Extension EDA University Center is a research-focused university center charged with providing applied research, education, outreach and professional development to the state's economic development community. Our focus is on analyzing data specific to the state of Wisconsin, issues related to the state's economic growth and resiliency, and regional or national issues as these relate to Wisconsin. Although our primary audience is the state's economic development community, we extend assistance and help to any organization or government entity that could benefit from our work.


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